Here you can download free Need for Speed Most Wanted for pc. You can drive anywhere, explore the world, hang out with your friends, compete in challenges or annoy the police. The game has been designed around an open city environment catered to 3 fun realms; race, chase and explore.

Key features include:

  • Vehicle mods such as reinforced, chassis, impact protection, re-inflating tires PowerShot nitrous and track tires.
  • Connected open world environment.
  • Multi-player capability: Up to 12.
  • 123 vehicles to choose from.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a set in an open world environment called Fairhaven. There are all sorts of different kinds of streets to race on, all you have to do is discover them. There are 123 vehicles to choose, right from the outset and with these vehicles come numerous challenges and trials to overcome. So, there is always plenty of things to keep you occupied whilst cruising the streets.